Sunday, 25 March 2018

I wear what I sew

Today it's the 18th day of my progressive capsule challenge. I try to use all the garments which is hanging in my wardrobe, just to see how I like all of them. There are a few that I think will move on, but I like most of them. 
A couple of days ago I wore my newly sewn Granville Shirt and I really liked it. I've lost some weight and a couple of sizes so this was my first one in the new size and I think it's close to perfect. Maybe I'll make the sleeves a little bit longer next time.
I've also updated my Stylebook App with my new garments. I took new photos of old garments to get them better. Last time I took photos I just hanged the garments on a hanger but now I used my dressmaking mannequin and the pictures get som much nicer.

To this day I've wore these garments:

- Navyblue Tank Top, Ottobre Magazine (1) (replace!)
- Red tank top, wool rib (1)
- Beige Portrait Blouse, Gertie's first book (1)
- SimoneTop, wool interlock in teal (2)
- SimoneTop, wool interlock in navyblue (2)
- Blouse, New Look 6621 (1)
- Navyblue Tee, Knipmode (1) (replace!)
- NoaNoa Tee with long arms (1) (rtw)
- Onyx Shirt, Paprika Patterns (2)
- Sorbetto Top, Colette Patterns (1)
- Granville Shirt, Sewaholic Patterns (1)
- NoaNoa Blouse (1)

- Pencil Skirt, denim, Ottobre (7)
- Kristy Pencil Skirt, navyblue, LMV (1)
- Kristy Pencil Skirt, black/darkblue patterned, LMV (1)
- Kristy Pencil Skirt, red, LMV (2)
- GingerJeans (2)
- Kristy Pencil Skirt, black, LMV (1)
- Stretch Twill Pencil Skirt, dark blue (1)

- Black Dress, Jurk van Janice Knipmode 10-2017 (1)

Knitted garments:
- Beeline Sweater (1)
- Slanted Sleeven Cardigan (2)
- DarkPearlCardigan (2)

- Quart Coat, Pauline and Alice (2)
- Longline Cardigan, Knipmode (3)
- Plum Down Jacket (doudoune) (1)
- Beige Short Jacket, Knipmode (1)
- Gray Jersey Jacket, (RTW) (1)
- black knit cardigan with draped fronts (RTW) (1)
- Coppélia Cardigan, Papercut Patterns (1)
- Light beige knit Cardigan, Indiska (RTW) (1)

- Black ankle boots (8)
- Navyblue Chelsea Boots (4)
- Navyblue Ballerinas (2)
- Nude Ballerinas (1)
- Bordeaux leather Boots, Tamaris (2)

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