Saturday, 29 April 2017

Part of my SWAP

These are garments I made recently. When I saw this picture I found out that I can use the white blouse for the Stitcher's Guild Contest instead of using a bought jacket.
These garments are from left to right:

  • Pencil Skirt from Ottobre Woman a long time ago. Stretchy jeans fabric
  • Cézembre Blouse in white patterned single jersey
  • Red Kristy Jupe from La Maison Victor. Double Knit
  • Long Cardigan from Knipmode, Sewn in wool / angora knit
  • Plantain Tee in black/navy viscose jersey
  • Black Kristy Skirt from LMV, Double Knit
  • Long Cardigan i navy blue linen jersey and a
  • Navy blue Kristy Skirt from LMV, Double Knit

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Since last time...

Now it's already the end of April and Stitcher's Guild's SWAP is closing on next Sunday, the 7th May. I haven't sewn all the things I planned for but I sewn some other garments. Maybe I'll manage to finished all of them completely before Sunday.
I've started to put my garments in a sudoku board to make my outfits. Let's see how it works.