Sunday, 15 April 2018

Last days

I've been busy during the last weeks but I've registered what I wore every day. I also joined the spring edition of 10x10 and that was fun even if I was a bit bored the 7th day or so. But I had no problem wearing my 10 garments in 10 days. You can see my different outfits with the hashtag #medeas10x10

After the 10x10 Challenge I've started to take pics of my progressive wardrobe and here are the latest days. All outfits from my Stylebook App.
This was what I wore when I travelled from Sweden to France
This Sorbetto Top is a favorite and I want to sew a couple more of that pattern
This is another favorite outfit

My linen cardigan is out from my wardrobe when the temperature is over 20 degrees Celsius

What I clearly can see is that I mostly wear navyblue garments. And I love it. I think my style is a little bit too casual for my taste but I will sew more blouses and dresses to fill the gap. I can soon go to parties where I'm supposed to wear something nicer.

I've missed to fill in my list of which clothes I wore but it's not important. The most important thing for me is to see and feel which clothes makes me most comfortable and happy. And what holes to fill in when I plan my sewing.

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