Monday, 19 March 2018

Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest

I've sewn a mini wardrobe for Pattern Review's Wardrobe Contest and the voting has begun. Please vote for my wardrobe
I needed a new wardrobe, mostly because I lost some weigth, and these garment's are perfect both for working at home and go out with friends
 I want a classic style but also love to use some print to light it up. This Liberty Fabric is one of my favourites.
 I think these six garment's will make me feel great during spring and I'll have something to wear for every occasion.
 The dark blue tee is sewn of a wool knit and is lovely to wear when it's a little bit chilly.
I haven't worn jeans or pants since 2011 but I will try again and see if I like it. I have fabric for another pair but maybe I'll wait until autumn because in summer there is no use for jeans in Provence, where I live. 
Please go to the voting site and vote for my wardrobe!

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