Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Another day

I do wear a lot navyblue clothes. But I've never worn blue clothes, more than jeans, until a couple of years ago when I decided to just try. And now it's one of my favorite colors.
Navyblue day
Today I wore three newly sewn garments. The t-shirt is a Simone Top from the swedish designer Jenny Hellström's first book. The longline cardigan is from the dutch sewing magazine Knipmode and the skirt is a favorite from the finnish sewing magazine Ottobre Design.

- Navyblue Tank Top, Ottobre Magazine (1)
- Red tank top, wool rib (1)
- Beige Portrait Blouse, Gertie's first book (1)
- SimoneTop, wool interlock in teal (2)
- SimoneTop, wool interlock in navyblue (1)

- Pencil Skirt, Ottobre (3)
- Kristy Pencil Skirt, navyblue, LMV (1)
- Kristy Pencil Skirt, black/darkblue patterned, LMV (1)
- GingerJeans (1)

Knitted garments:
- Beeline Sweater (1)
- Slanted Sleeven Cardigan (1)
- DarkPearlCardigan (1)

- Quart Coat, Pauline and Alice (2)
- Longline Cardigan, Knipmode (2)

- Black ankle boots (4)
- Navyblue Chelsea Boots (1)
- Navyblue Ballerinas (1)

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