Friday, 2 November 2012

Planning for SWAP 2013

Thanks to DragonLady who just some minutes ago published rules for SWAP 2013. She gave us a hint that this years SWAP maybe could contain 5+5+1 items and thats what it is.

Each collection is either 3 tops and two bottoms, or 2 tops, 1 bottom, and 1 dress, which all form a cohesive group.  The 11th garment should be a jacket or other piece that coordinates with both collections, both in style and color.
These collections can be for different occasions, or in different colorways, or simply reflect two very different styles or images.  
There will be no requirement this year to use a particular fabric or pattern choice, no fussy print matching or need to master any new skill.  
Sewing will begin December 26th, and all garments must be finished by April 30th, 2012.  Muslins, pattern fitting and cutting may be started whenever you are ready. 
One garment may be sewn before the official sewing start date, and one may be purchased or previously sewn. 

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